I'm here in my mode. (hellothisispaul) wrote in g_bury,
I'm here in my mode.

Term Paper

I decided that I will start to work on my term paper today. Where is everyone at with the term paper? If I don't procrastinate, which I can guarantee I will, then I could be done this weekend. But, I'll probably save a large amount for the last night.

A follow-up question, what is your paper on? I decided for my topic to discuss the media's affect on people.
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My term paper, back in 2001, was on third world debt and its impact on the AIDS crisis in Africa. I got it done a couple of days before it was due. Fun memories.
my term paper last year was on stem cell research.....i finished it a week early,and handed it in early :)
mine was on outsourcing and its effect on the job market...pretty boring stuff.

however that pales in comparison to my 2 10 page papers due over the next week, one of which is due on monday at 4 pm and hasn't been started yet. so be happy with the fact that you only have one term paper due. and if you have mr wild or someone like him, odds are he'll read 2 out of your 10 pages and give you an A
I have 8 pages done from thursday and friday
i have 5 pages done but I need to do some more research. It's on basically... who fucked up on Katrina and how do we fix it.

Are you guys taking a stand and arguing it or what? Am I going to get dicked for doing that? (I have boisoneau...BOOOO)
ive misplaced my topic sheet/outline/sources.
needless to say i have yet to start mine.

i'm doing the cost of college and is finantial aid being fairly distributed among applicants. stimulating stuff i swear...
So, I've been working on my term paper from 12. And I have a whopping half page done. God I need some aderall or something. Oh well. This week is gonna be hell week.
haha...my best advice is to just suck it up and just do it. trust me, there's a billion more exciting things you could be doing, but just get it done and over with.