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Help A Child In Need!

Right now there are people with more than the weight of the world on their shoulders...

I'm sure you've all heard of the devastating effects that Hurricane Katrina has had on everybody's lives. Thousands are without homes, food, health care, or hope. We've all been throwing as much money at it as we can, but short of flying down to Lousiana ourselves, is there anything else we can do?

A friend of mine decided to do something about that.

He created Katrina Dolls.

Some of the most unfortunate victims of this natural disaster are children. Left with nothing, and not understanding what is going on, they are experiencing a sense of hopelessness long before they ever should.

We can help.

What is a Katrina Doll, you ask? Well, its quite simple. These are incredibly easy-to-make dolls (designed for children to create) that will be sent to the young victims of Hurricane Katrina.

It's quick, and requires few materials or skill. If you have younger siblings, they can help too. If I could see tens...hundreds...or even thousands of these being shipped out from all over the country it would be an amazing experience.

Do I sound overly optimistic?
I don't think so.
I think we can do it.

Here's the catch, the budget for this project is exactly 0 dollars. So for it to work, any sort of free publicity or word of mouth is key. And even more important is your participation. I've already made three.

All instructions are on the page. If you cannot find the address to mail the dolls to (as the site is still less than a day old, you should now be able to find it on Google, however), either give them to me or I can tell you.

And please, take pictures, we'll put you on the web.

A bit of sunshine after the storm.

Please at least comment if you think you can help in any way. Donations of fabric would also be appreciated.

As we rely on word of mouth, please, please, PLEASE post this message on your livejournal, myspace, blog, xanga, website, anywhere that you can. Title it "Help A Child In Need" or anything you wish. Tell your friends. Send a letter to Santa Clause. I will personally give you a very heartfelt thanks if I see this posted anywhere. Just please help us get the word out!

The First Katrina Doll.

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Sounds like a good cause, but I'll wait to spread the word once Shipping info is put on the page. More people will want to do if it their doll has a chance of being received.
Shipping info is up as of a minute and a half ago. Thanks for taking a look. You have no idea how much that means to a refugee child.

Please spread the word.
Isn't it sad that our president is still on vacation and has contributed nothing to the victims of Katria...
chelsea...i know u don't like bush...but he has done a lot so far...watch some of the cable news stations like Fox News Live...the only non-liberal dominated one...he's done quite a bit.
Excuse me but that was douchebag comment. You know its not true. I swear he didn't sign a 10.5 billion dollar bill or anything...and he's not sending millions more by the day... I wasn't happy with the slow response EITHER, but hes not on VACATION.
*fist in the air*
I'm not even going to respond to the fox news comment.
I just wanted to say that the idea was to help, not argue about what hasn't been done right, or get into political tit for tat.
This isn't the time, guys.
if u didn't wanna respond to the fox comment than don't even mention it...that's so beat to skirt around it
either make a statement or don't make a comment
I think you missed my point, which I'll admit to not expressing very well.

Even though I don't agree with you, I was trying to say that idea of the post wasn't to play some stupid blame game, or take cheap shots at our president. The idea was to help.
well than u shouldn't have made a stupid comment in the first place
Wooooooah there kids. Lets take a step back and realize what this thread is actually about.
Over $200 billion spent in Iraq. Hrmmm....

That's all I'll say. Runs away from the horrible shitstorm he just started
How on earth did Mindy's attempt to get some more people involved in Katrina Dolls turn into some Bush-bashing blame game?
bc chelsea had to say something