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September 26

"the ayes have it"
1. how did supremem court nominee John Roberts handle questions from democrats?
vague while still coming off as smart and rasonable
during four days of hearing very composed
described as a "leagal auto man"
2. what is expected to be the outcome of the Roberts hearings?
he will start the fall sesson, just matters the size of the vote (already won)
makes some democrats nervous because of Bush's beliefs

"Iraq's Killing Fields"
1.What is given as a cause of the recent suicide bombing?
145 killed 361 captured-insurgents (by USA)
they want to start civil war
the bombings were eitehr desperation or retaliation for the insurgents killed
2. is a vote on the constitution expected to help stop the insurgency?
NO! futher divide lay more seeds of sectarian strife
voting centers not opening becasue of intimidatons and violence from insurgents

"a fight on many fronts"
1. What is given as the cause of the recent increase in violence in afganistan?
48 USA died in 6 month period
because of votes for the new constitution
trying to intergrate the baliban back in to Afg. if they lay down their arms -> they'd be let in
Taliban members running for election
2. What has the Taliban been doing recently to the nation?
"we are here to killl forgeiners"- more bold seem richer
attack the us armies
burn school buildings that have book in them given to them by new Afg. govt.
"satellite phones, remote control bombs, kalashnikovs"- new access to money and new technology
sending out warnings, will kill anyone that votes
3. Where are the Taliban attractingnew recruits from?
villages in the north
seen go from Zabul-Pakistan

"the race canard"
1. what is the reasoning behind the authors belief taht racism was not linked to the handling of the aftermath of the hurricane katrine?
i was a thing that the media played up
it was an easy angle for the media
poor white had just as slow response

October 3

"Decoding the Pyongyang shuffle"
1.what was accomplished at the recnt 6-nation talks in beijing?
North Korea said they'd stop doing work on nuclear weeapons
rejoin commintment to neclear non prolifration treaty
2. what problems remain to be resolved?
they wanted reactor, NOW....not in agreement
idennify all its nuclear bombs, fissile material, equipment and facilities
concealilng uranium
find all NK centrifuges and uranium

"a blow to fuel supplies" have hurricanes katrina and rita affected teh oil and natural gas supplies?
30%national oil-refining operation-closed in preperation
28% crude oil
19% natural gas
up to $4 per gallon
car sales down 10%
homeheating up 20-40%
"enough to supply but prices higher"

"uniform response"
1. why do the presient and some lawmakers want a bigger relief role for the military?
could have saved more lives in katrina.
we have them ready and waitng
"911 force" ready to go
(national guard)

2. why is the military lerry about taking on a bigger relief role?
they are over stressed now
trained to kill not be police
"military had a role but not the lead dog"

"a work in progress"
1. why is it so difficult to make strides of progress in Afg.
pas saw complete devistation
25 years of constan wars
bad economy
70% can not read...90% womean cant
5th poorest coutnry
1/2 gpd comes from drug trafficking
2.what has preident karzai done to try and rebuild afg.?
bring war lordsd and taliban into poilitcal fold
voilence increaded as a result
3. why are so many afhani citizens frustrated with waht's been going on?
us gave money ...lots -> ordinary people don't see any change
4. HOw has the international community contributed to the problem?
money goes to most well spoken english ministers

"steady on at the fed"
1.why have people thought that the fed would lower interest rates?

2.what reasoning did the fed give for raising the interest rate?
"its betting any damaging economic fall outs"

"success in the city"
1. what are some examples of how the norfolk school system ahs improved?
more students passing SOL's
closing grade gap between blacks and whites
test students at least to tell how to teach better
2. What reasons were given for the school's turnaround?
impressive consistence
best teachers moved to worst schools
intro of standards
aligned ciriculum
3. what ahve critics said about norfolk school system?
testing comes at expense of broader edu.
can't be repeating in larger/poorer inner cities
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