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Part I - Mid-Summer:

1. Who is participating in the insurgency?      Al Qaeda, resistance fighters

2. When did the insurgency start?   After Sadam was ousted from power and the US invaded.  *The insurgents began training 6 months before the US even envaded Iraq.

3. Why do some believe that disbanding the Iraqi military may have been a mistake?   Because all of those poeple who wanted to fight and were trained to do so went to join groups like these.

4. During mid-summer, how many insurgent attacks were occurring per week?   300 - 400 attacks per week

5. What creates more recruits for the insurgency?   US attacks

6. What ethnic group are most insurgents from?   Sunni Muslim-Arabs

7. Why is it dificult to negotiate with insurgent groups?   They're not a united group; no one speaks for the group as a whole.

Part II - How to deal with the insurgency / prospects for success

8. Who will have to eventually defeat the insurgency?   The Iraqis, with support from the US

9. What are some signs of optimism?   Some members are open to democracy.  Iraqis want something better both politically and democratically.  Some Iraqis are joining the army to help fight the insurgents.

10. Why are more forces needed ot fight the insurgency?   Because the Iraqis can't handle the insurgents without US military help as of yet.

11. Explain "Iraqification"   We back the Iraqi army and stand behind them.

Part III - Civilians / Daily life

12. What two worlds do Iraqi civilians live in?   Between worlds like: life/death, success/failure, etc.

13. Do you think the family interviewed by CNN is representative of most Iraqi's?  Why or why not?   Yes, the family is middle class, live in a dangerous neighbor hood, and dont have many convieniences just like most Iraqis such as running water, or electricity.

Part IV - Path to Democracy

14. Why is creating democracy in Iraq so dificult?    Transition into any new type of government is messy, The attacks by insurgents and organized crime play a part too.  Also it is dificult to establish and build trust in a new government, especially after one which was so opressive like the previous Iraqi goventment.

15. Why is there potential for civil war?    Groups are determined to start violence.  People who want "breathing room"

16. What will be the measure of victory in Iraq?    Whether in the centre of Iraq, people can come out in the street and begin to live normal lives.

Part V - Fallujah

17. Why is the rebuilding of Fallujah a test?   Because it used to be a city full of insurgents.  After they destroyed it, it will be hard to keep insurgents from returning again.  Whether or not the city can survive is a test: can those in power be trusted?  Is there even a future here?

and... as usual... follow the fake lj-cut to more notes

(October 3rd: Iraq: The Insurgency and Beyond)
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