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just fanning the flames a little ;)

i can guess...but what happened with the coffeehouse and the gymnastics argument in front of town council....oh god i can't wait to hear :)
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I don't understand. Why are you trying to upset people and piss people off and create more arguments? It seems like a rather bitchy thing to do.
well...i'm a bitch, that's what i do

deal with it :)
*high five*
I came home from school for the meeting and it went very well. About 20 students came in support of coffee house and teen center, 3 students actually spoke as did a parent and an administrator from glad. The town manager, Susan Carp, personally assured us that despite the fact that the gymnastics program is staying until december, the town recognizes the importance of the Coffee House Project and the Teen Center and they are doing their best to find a temporary solution until the gymnastics program can find a permenant home. It is obviously a difficult situation and we simply wanted to make sure that the Coffee House and Teen Center were not being overlooked. As of right now things are uncomfortable but not permenant and we are happy to try and make this work for the time being. Hopefully the Coffee Houses will run as planned but they may be at a smaller venue or open to fewer students or they may be canceled. Time will tell how this all plays out, but there is no need to turn this into a riot between teen center and gymnastics and I hope that you are not out there looking to start a "rumble"

let me know if you have any more questions
no...no rumble lol
it's just that the outcome was almost pre-determined.
i mean it's always good to assert yourself...but the outcome pretty much could have been guessed in advance...
honestly i think that would have been great if there was a way to make it so that neither program was hurt.
i agree, it would be nice if there was a solution

also, we went into this meeting knowing that in the short term (until december) nothing would change, but we want to make sure we are not forgotten in the long term

thanx for being civil
Just curious, why isn't the teen center moving to the new community center?

And can the coffeehouse be held at another school in town?
awesome questions...

the community center was discussed as a possibility way back in its planning stages, but for some reason the town ended up deciding against that and so the kind of spaces that the teen center would need were not built into the plan (keep in mind this was all before the gymnastics moved into Academy)

As far as the coffee house being held at another school that is definantly a possibility right now, unfortunantly other schools do not and cannot offer the "Teen Center Room" or basement aspect of Coffee House, with pool, air hockey, ping pong, etc. This would again be inconvinient but is still being looked into as a possibility.

If you or anyone has any other suggestions, I would really be happy to pass them along or you can feel free to talk to anyone from GLAD or track down Susan Carp's phone number at work.

Thanks for asking :-)
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my favorite part was

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ps- kristin steeves is a national hero
yeah....i dont know how i did that

yay me