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[30 May 2006|11:40pm]

Here's the link to the book James Howard wrote:

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[08 Mar 2006|09:52am]


masquerade ball pictures ^^^^
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[02 Mar 2006|09:45pm]


Listen to live bands!

The gym is open for fun activities!

Play with friends on our pool, air hockey, ping pong, and foozball tables!

WHEN: Friday, March 3rd
WHERE: Academy Teen Center
TIME: 8pm to 11pm
BRING: $2 and student ID
BANDS: Ivory Cross, Aria, & Catalyst

[10 Feb 2006|02:33pm]

Come to Coffeehouse tonight.

@ academy school
from 8pm-11pm
bring 2$ + student ID

come see Hungry Hungry Hypocrates, Fish-N-Chips, and Pandora's Box.

[28 Nov 2005|05:12pm]

does anyone know when junior prom and/or senior ball is?
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[27 Nov 2005|02:45pm]

Anyone know the username/passwords to hte ghs databases?
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Term Paper [26 Nov 2005|12:21pm]

I decided that I will start to work on my term paper today. Where is everyone at with the term paper? If I don't procrastinate, which I can guarantee I will, then I could be done this weekend. But, I'll probably save a large amount for the last night.

A follow-up question, what is your paper on? I decided for my topic to discuss the media's affect on people.
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shameless advertising [02 Nov 2005|06:23am]


5.30 @ G.H.S. POOL


come and support us guys!  its our last meet of the season and its senior night.

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CI Notes [26 Oct 2005|10:01pm]

ok seniors, heres all the notes from this unit
... i dont have the last day because im too tired to finish it, and needless to say i didnt take any notes on today's debate. i just watched, with a confused look on my face.

(October 14th: The American Political and Cultural Landscape (Wild))
(October 17th: Religion and the cultural Divide (Boisoneau))
(October 18th: Media - Politics and Culture (Rakestrau))
(October 19th: Abortion, Emergency Contraception, and Stem Cell Research(Nathman))
(October 20th: Ethics of Death: Right to Die (White))
(October 21st: Religion in Public Places (Murdoch))
(October 24th: Religion and Public Education (Loavenbruck))
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[26 Oct 2005|06:35pm]

Heyyy Amy.. would you mind posting the notes from Mr L's lecture Monday? I was sick and I can't find other notes page... Thanks!

Also... for future reference does anyone know the site for CI Notes, whatever it is now? I used to have it but never put it in favorites.. Thanks
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[13 Oct 2005|03:47pm]

The Youth Services Action Group

“The Haunting”
Of the
Riverfront Community Center
300 Welles Street, Glastonbury
Saturday, October 22, 2005
2:00 – 5:00 pm; 6:00 – 8:00 pm
$1.75 per person

We need volunteers to help set up and run the craft & activity tables! If you are interested in helping out, please come to a meeting at the Youth Services Building (accross the street from GHS) on Tuesday, October 18 after school. Bring your friends!

If you have any questions please ask Becky Ludkiewicz or call 652-7664 (YSB).
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[11 Oct 2005|07:32pm]

[ mood | cold ]

ok guys, sorry this is kindof last minute, but heres some notes from the esteemed Dr. Cobbledick, and the class debate

(October 5th: Dr. Cobbledick)
(October 6th: Debate - Has Bush FP in Iraq been a success?)

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STUDY GUIDES [08 Oct 2005|03:49pm]

2 out of the 3 study guidesCollapse )
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[03 Oct 2005|07:18pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

CNN Presents - US Foreign Policy video guideCollapse )

and... as usual... follow the fake lj-cut to more notes

(October 3rd: Iraq: The Insurgency and Beyond)
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DRAMA CLUB [01 Oct 2005|02:05am]

Hey, all you cool kids out there. I know you'll be auditioning for a cabaret that Drama Club is participating. Auditions are this Friday (the 7th) at 3:30 in the caf. GHS is doing "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago and "The Rhythm of Life" from Sweet Charity. See you there!

Pop! Six! Squish! Uh uh! Cicero! Lipschitz!
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[29 Sep 2005|07:09pm]

(September 26th: Economic Tools)
(September 27th: Military Tools)
(September 28th: Global War on Terror)
(September 29th: Iraq to Victory)
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[25 Sep 2005|06:55pm]

for those of you who want them:

CI notes from 9/6 through 9/23

(September 6th: US Foreign Policy)
(September 7th: Africa)
(September 8th: Latin America and South America)
(September 12th: Europe and Russia)
(September 13th: China)
(September 14th: East ans Southeast Asia)
(September 16th: Central and South Asia)
(September 19th: Middle East)
(September 23rd: Diplomatic Tools)
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seniors... [22 Sep 2005|09:41am]

would any of you benefit from me putting my notes from CI on here? if so i'll probably start tomorrow from day 1.
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just fanning the flames a little ;) [14 Sep 2005|02:33pm]

i can guess...but what happened with the coffeehouse and the gymnastics argument in front of town council....oh god i can't wait to hear :)
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Help A Child In Need! [08 Sep 2005|09:11pm]


Right now there are people with more than the weight of the world on their shoulders...

I'm sure you've all heard of the devastating effects that Hurricane Katrina has had on everybody's lives. Thousands are without homes, food, health care, or hope. We've all been throwing as much money at it as we can, but short of flying down to Lousiana ourselves, is there anything else we can do?

Yes There Is!!!Collapse )

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